Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On being 9 months.

If my baby could speak...... this would be his blog post update on being 9 months old.

Asher, tell us how you like being 9 months old, and what kind of things your discovering now!
                        Well, being 9 months is such a happy carefree time in my life. I got my momma around and I am happy boy. My big brother makes me laugh when he does silly faces at me or makes goofy noises, but sometimes he picks on me and it does not feel good, so I cry for my mommy. I just started showing two teeth sprouting through my gums (top front right, and bottom front right) on the same day, the day I turned 9 months, and BOY does it hurt. I have to constantly chew on my finger to try and ease the hurties from it.  My favorite thing to do is explore all over the place, to stand up on everything, and to taste it with my mouth. I am even starting to stand up alone without holding on to anything! I also LOVE to climb some stairs, as soon as mommy isnt looking, or if she is in the potty, I am already up two or three stairs, hehehe. 
               Let's talk about food- well, I like to taste and try new things, but my main food is still mama milk. I have tried some things like: bananas, cucumbers, avocado, sweet potato, potatoes, apples, strawberries, watermelon, wheat toast, and cheerios. I do not eat everyday, usually only when I wanna play around with some food and soothe my gums on something! But I am growing so big and healthy just from mommy, yay! I take two regular naps throughout the day, one usually around 11 the other around 3, then bedtime at 8 and sleep till around 8 or 9 am with a few times to wake up and comfort nurse, I LOVE sleeping in between mommy and my big brother, they make me feel safe. 
                Other things I really LOVE right now: Uncle Z- he is just so interesting to sit and watch, the doggies, anything with water, watching and learning, and playing with my toys, and being near my mommy all the time. 
                I am very ticklish, especially on my chunky legs. 
                I do not like getting my clothes or diaper changed. 
                I wake up and cry a lot of times at night, probably to make up for my lack of crying during the day. 
                I am still a super chill little guy but I am starting to find myvoice. 
                I mimick the words you say to me. I like to say mama, go-go, hi, and lots of babbles!  
                I cant wait to walk and catch up to my big brother. 

NOW FOR THE PICS! ~pEaCe OuT: *Asher baby*


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