Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Magical Santa Moment

     I took Asher and Lincoln to see Santa this year. We have read some books about Santa and the north pole, and also watched some movies, but I did not understand how much Asher really "got it". Lincoln was/is beyond enthralled with Santa and I guess Asher just picked that up as well.
     It was sunday evening when we went to see Santa with my good friend Chelsea and her littles. All day long I had used it as a bribe for them to be good, "Do you want to see Santa tonight?!" and it worked, they were great through all the shopping we did on Asher's birthday. When we walked into the room with Santa their faces lit up. It was absolutely awesome and they ran right up to the front of the line, thankfully no one else was waiting, and right up to Santa to see him up close. Asher was not the tiniest bit scared. He said "hi. Ash" to introduce himself, and Lincoln was excited to tell Santa about the spiderman webshooter he wants.
    This picture captures the moment when Asher was telling Santa it was his birthday and that he was two! It really was a very special and magical moment. I got very teary eyed seeing the joy in their eyes as they talked to Santa.

             And why not, I do not think there is anything wrong with believing in magical things!!!

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