Sunday, December 2, 2012

Not finding out my baby's sex

      The first thing I always hear is "Oh, I could not do that, I just have to know. I am such a planner."
But my question is what really needs to be planned for a newborn that depends on their sex? Why does it matter so much? So you can put your girls in pink, and your boys in blue? Who cares? The babies absolutely do not care about that stuff, even at 4.5 years old my son does not care about specific colors for boys vs girls or what they are supposed to wear. I am on pregnancy number three and have not found out the sex for any of the babies I have had, and I would not change it for anything.
       Let me tell you about the MOMENT. The first instant I got to see my first born child when he was pulled from my stomach and shown to me. I did not know his sex, and I was waiting with such anticipation to   see what life I had been growing inside of me. I will never forget how BREATHLESS I felt as I waited and they showed him to me, and I saw that I had a little boy. I literally could not breath and felt my whole body swell with this intense powerful emotion that I can only compare to a religious experience. Pure perfection and joy. It was then that I knew I will always wait to find out the sex of my babies. Because that moment made it all worth my wait.
        Making sure that I love my baby no matter of their body parts is important to me. I feel like society, family, and friends pressure me with asking things like, "oh, maybe you will finally have your girl" or something like that. I am tired of hearing it. This baby is awesome and already proves its cool little existence by playing little kick games in my belly and flipping around all the time. I could sit here and scrutinize all the little pregnancy details trying to guess the outcome of baby's gender but I am not going to do that. I am going to revel in the fact that I have a perfect little creature growing inside of me and that I do not need a specific color clothes, cloth diapers or baby swing to be prepared to care for them outside of my womb.


  1. If we have another, I would seriously consider not finding out. Oh the excitement!!!!

  2. <3 Although for me the anticipation and experience was so amazing even though I did find out the sex. Just holding that perfect baby for the first is so wonderful! I would definitely consider not finding out next time though because I am sure the mystery of not knowing yet is so cool.

  3. Loved this I know I say it. I have a need to know the sex of my babies but, I think it is super awesome you have the will power to wait. I am so excited for the birth of baby Mars I told you already I wanted to be there cause I love birth.. Squeeeee I love you guys :)