Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shameful Admissions #6

A few days ago I braved taking the boys shopping with me at Aldi's. 

I had one extra boy, whom I was babysitting. SO three lovely little hyper boys total in the little Aldi's grocery store + A 34 week pregnant mama who hasn't gotten to drink her caffeine yet....
and I managed to get all three out of my little car, we are holding hands walking across the parking lot, which is harder to manage then I supposed. And we get to the carts, I am searching through my wallet and bag and guess what I DON'T HAVE A DAMN QUARTER FOR THE SHOPPING CART!!! dimes, nickles, and pennies, yes but those do not help. 

BUT LOOK! Oh, hmmmm... this Chuckie Cheese coin is about the same size, let's see if this works! 
and it does! 

I think all is in the clear, until checkout when I realize, omg, I totally forgot they load your stuff into the cart at the end and give your first one the the person behind you. SO I switch all three boys to the other cart, hoping to load everything up REAL quick before the person behind me gets done and realized she is going to get a chuckie cheese coin instead of a quarter. Yeah, not a proud moment. 

Then back to the car, load up the groceries, load up the kids and realize I am way too far to leave the kids in the car and walk the cart back to the front. I look around for someone to give my cart to, and have no luck. So I abandon it on the litle island.... just in time for this man to pull up and see me, he gives me a stink eye and I just politely smile as I head back to sit in my car and bang my head repeatedly on the steering wheel. 

Also, not even going to go into detail about the small fire that was started at home when I was putting the groceries away and Asher decided to turn the stove on and burn a hole through the bottom of my yogurt, that story is just too embarassing. ;) 

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